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Thompson Blancett

BORN ON- October 10, 1841

BORN IN- Jackson,Alabama

FATHER- Joel Blancett

MOTHER- Mary Waddell

MOVED TO- Water Valley, Arkansas in 1868

MARRIED TO- Elmira Catherine Hawkins

ON- 17 NOV 1870


Magdaline 1871 Water Valley,Randolph,AR
Gertrude 1874 ditto
Minnie 1878 ditto
Thomas Arthur 1881 ditto
Lula 1884 ditto
Soula 1885 ditto
Lena Hope 1892 ditto
Lucien 1895 ditto

POINTS OF INTEREST- Owned a 40 acre farm in Water Valley Township, Arkansas.

STORY...told by Lucian Brandon- They used to call him 'Breachpan Blancett', because one time, while shooting a rifle, the breachpan blew off and hit him in the head.'

aka- Thomas, Tom BLANSETT

|---______________ |--Joel Blancett--| | |---______________ | |------Thompson Blancett | | |---______________ |--Mary Waddell---| |---______________